Martin Garbus


Martin Garbus is one of the country’s top trial lawyers, as well as an author and sought-after speaker. Time magazine called him “legendary” and “one of the greatest trial lawyers in the country”. The Guardian, declared him “one of the worlds finest trial lawyers”. An expert at every level of civil and criminal trial, and litigation, he has appeared before the United States Supreme Court in leading First Amendment cases, and his cases have established precedents there and in other courts throughout the country. A case he filed, Goldberg v. Kelly, that resulted in a favorable 5-4 Supreme Court opinion was described by Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan as “arguably the most important due process case of the 20th Century”. Marty Garbus and his legal achievements have been recognized by many national publications and with listings in Martindale-Hubbell, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in Best Lawyers in America. An international observer in foreign elections, he was also selected by President Jimmy Carter to observe and report on the elections in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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Practice & Clients

Martin Garbus’ reputation as one of the country’s top attorneys is confirmed by his long and impressive list of clients; Daniel Ellsberg, Vaclav Havel, Andrei Sakharov, Nelson Mandela’s African National Conference, Salmon Rushdie “Satanic Verses”, Reporters the New York Times, Leoonard Peltier, convicted of Murder, for Clemency application to President Obama, Metropolitan Opera, Museum of Modern Art, Pace Gallery, PBS, Channel 4 in England, Brooklyn Museum Of Art, Penguin Books, Lenny Bruce, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Nancy Reagan, Spike Lee, Samuel Beckett, Philip Roth, Paramount Films, Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein, and Miramax. Mr. Garbus has also been appointed the attorney/executor/trustee for several high-profile estates, including those of Igor Stravinsky, John Cheever, Julian Assange, Marilyn Monroe, and Margaret Mitchell. Recently, Mr. Garbus represented Eric Corley in the first copyright case, a landmark case of the internet era, tried under the new Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As part of his remarkably diversified practice he has represented Prisoners of Conscience throughout the world. “Shouting Fire” is an award winning documentary film about his life and career.

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Marty Garbus is an award winning author with six books and many articles to his credit. His books include Courting Disaster, a look at the present Supreme Court, The Next 25 Years: How the Supreme Court Will Make You Forget the Meaning of Words Like Privacy, Equality and Freedom, and Tough Talk: How I Fought for Writers, Comics, Bigots, and the American Way, a book that examines First Amendment issues and Internet-related media problems. Martin Garbus’ articles have appeared in such prominent publications as the New York Times, the Los Angelas Times, the Washington Post, New York Review of Books, Harper’s, many legal publications, in the Chinese press, and on the internet in Huffington Post. Mr Garbus has participated in the drafting of several constitutions and foreign laws, including the constitution of Czechoslovakia. He has taught at Yale, Columbia, Tsinghua and Renmin in Beijing, as well as in law schools in Prague, Paris, Pisa and Moscow. Mr. Garbus received the Fulbright Award in 2010 and the James Joyce Award from the University of Dublin in 2014.

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