Martin Garbus featured in radio interview on NPR and

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Comedian Lenny Bruce Life And First Amendment Trial Remembered “Guest – Attorney Martin Garbus represented Lenny Bruce. Martin is one of the country’s top trial lawyers, as well as an author and sought-after speaker. Time magazine called him “legendary” and “one of the greatest trial lawyers in the country”. The Guardian, declared him “one of the worlds finest trial lawyers”. An expert at every level of civil and criminal trial, and litigation, he has appeared before the United States Supreme Court in leading First Amendment cases, and his cases have established precedents there and in other courts throughout the country. A case he filed,...

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ABA Journal Review Of Martin Garbus’ Book, Traitors and Heroes

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From ABA Journal Review Traitors and Heroes Born of Hitler’s savagery is a largely new idea, offering a new hope – that basic human rights are the proper concern of people everywhere. This idea has been central to Martin Garbus’ life as a lawyer. His memoir revisits the sham trials of blacks in South Africa and dissidents in Chile. He has acted in behalf of Sakharov and Shcharansky as well as the lesser-known dissidents and refuseniks resisting Soviet brutalities. Epic struggles are told here – inspiring tales of those who challenge repressive and seemingly impregnable state forces. They are the “traitors” and “heroes” of the book’s title

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Martin Garbus A Life Freeing Speech

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Free speech remains one of the most important and contentious topics dealt with in modern society. Where as some countries take it for granted, others around the world fight for the right to free expression every single day. At the forefront of the issue is one of history’s most preeminent trial lawyers and First Amendment experts, Martin Garbus. Read the full article here.

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Martin Garbus To Receive Award of Honorary Patron

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Martin Garbus has received the Dublin University Philosophical Society Award of Honorary Patron. He will be attending the awards ceremonies at Trinity College, Dublin on November 19, 2014 and November 20, 2014. EVW News Post

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Martin Receives James Joyce Award

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Martin Garbus has received the James Joyce Award from the University of Dublin for Excellence in Law. Garbus, the first attorney to receive this award, joins other prominent recipients including Desmond Tutu, Salman Rushdie, De Klerk, J.K. Rowling and several Noble prize winners. This award is in recognition for his First Amendment work. EVW News Post

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Martin Garbus: The Military Industrial Complex

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I recently had an article published in the Huffington Post Politics Section. The Military Industrial Complex: We Know It Just Didn’t Stick — It Was Our Fault Those in government, both Republic and Democrats, knew exactly what was going on. They knew, ever since the Church Committee of 1975 of decades ago, of the overstepping of our intelligence agencies. We all knew. We just did not pay attention. A PDF version is available at my site. Martin Garbus: The Military Industrial...

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