Martin Garbus’ Opinion Of The Broadway play “Lucky Guy”, by Nora Ephron

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I recently had an article published in the New York Times Opinion Page. I give my take on “Lucky Guy,” the new play by Nora Ephron.

“The Damage Done by a ‘Lucky Guy’” – Mike McAlary, the newspaper columnist who is now the subject of a Broadway play, was a flawed journalist who once falsely accused a rape victim of perpetrating a hoax.

Feel free to download a pdf of the article HERE

1 Comment

  1. Terrific piece — McAlary was responsible for an enormous and provable wrong. His behavior, as you suggest, displayed as much about his sour values as it did his reliance on questionable cop sources in the precinct. The Louima story was not a redemption, just an example of a reporter doing his job after failing miserably in the Prospect Park story. You and I met long ago in the anti-capital punishment campaign in NY. Glad to see you’re still in the trenches.

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