Martin Garbus: Five Judges in Black Who Think White

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I recently had an article published in the Huffington Post Black Voice Section. Five Judges in Black Who Think White The court has now effectively struck down the Voting Rights Act. It is not likely that this partisan Congress can ever arrive at legislation that is fully committed to the preservation of the voting rights of all citizens. A PDF version is available at my site. Martin Garbus Five Judges in Black Who Think...

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Martin Garbus’ Opinion Of The Broadway play “Lucky Guy”, by Nora Ephron

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I recently had an article published in the New York Times Opinion Page. I give my take on “Lucky Guy,” the new play by Nora Ephron. “The Damage Done by a ‘Lucky Guy’” – Mike McAlary, the newspaper columnist who is now the subject of a Broadway play, was a flawed journalist who once falsely accused a rape victim of perpetrating a hoax. Feel free to download a pdf of the article...

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Martin Garbus, Quoted in the Orlando Sentinel

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The article explains how an Orlando judge has tossed from federal court David Siegel’s defamation lawsuit against the filmmakers who created the “The Queen of Versailles” movie, saying the time-share mogul’s testimony was “inconsistent and incredible” in the case. Click here for the full article.

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Martin Garbus on the Cuban Five

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Martin Garbus, a member of the Cuban Five legal team representing Gerardo Hernández, speaking at a meeting in support of the Cuban Five at Howard University School of Law sponsored by Howard and the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, Nov. 13, 2012. Garbus discusses the very latest legal filings (to be submitted two days after his talk) highlighting the U.S. governments secret payments to journalists covering the trial of the Cuban Five and enhancing the incendiary Miami atmosphere surrounding the trial.  

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