Current Cases Of Martin Garbus

Notable among the many cases Martin Garbus is currently handling are the following:

  • Representing Terry McMillan in a First Amendment case with accusations against a lawyer.
  • Representing a New York Times journalist sued by Jane Pauley.
  • Representing Don Imus in a dispute with CBS.

Recently, Mr. Garbus prepared to appear in Federal Court before a jury in a copyright-infringement suit against hip-hop and rap star Eminem (also known as Marshall Mathers). Mr. Garbus represented a composer whose music was copied without authorization and used in the song “Kill You,” the first track on The Marshall Mathers LP. That album, Eminem’s second, enjoyed commercial sales of over 16,000,000 CDs, making it number one in CD sales in 2001. The case was settled out of court.

Marty Garbus is also currently representing employees in a class action employment-discrimination suit challenging President Bush’s “faith-based” initiative, as well as flight attendants in a labor dispute against their union and American Airlines – both cases to be tried in Federal Court. He will also be trying another jury case in New York State Court that involves damage to a $20,000,000 painting by one of America’s greatest artists.

In a recent personal injury suit against American Airlines, Mr. Garbus won a jury award of $26,000,000, one of the largest awards at that time.
Other notable cases that Martin Garbus is handling are the following:

  • Defending, in a Tennessee State Court, the Columbia Broadcasting System in a multi-million-dollar libel and breach-of-contract suit, a case that will probably go to trial in 2012.
  • Defending, in Washington, D.C., federal court, a publisher and authors sued for libel for millions of dollars in a suit containing allegations of wiretapping, unlawful entry, andb eavesdropping.
  • Representing, in New York, investors and newsletter in three suits against tortuous interference, libel and fraud claims, and alleged SEC violations, filed by three Chinese corporations seeking millions of dollars.
  • Representing individuals before the Securities & Exchange Commission in an investigation into false statements by a Chinese corporation.
  • Representing, before the Delaware Court, a former Prime Minister of a European country, in a case claiming that illegal transfers of property worth many millions of dollars were made in Europe.
  • Defending beneficiaries, in Chinese and the New York Surrogates Courts and before the District Attorney, of the owner of a Chinese scroll allegedly worth $160,000,000 and an interest in an estate worth in excess of $500,000,000.
  • Defending, in California, the mother of actor Mel Gibson’s child against Mel Gibson in a potential criminal extortion charge and a suit for custody and support.
  • Representing, in the New York Supreme Court, beneficiaries of an estate valued at $200,000,000 composed primarily of Chinese scroll paintings.
  • Defending a union and its employees who, along with the New York Times, have been sued for libel because of an advertisement placed in the New York Times during a labor dispute.
  • Representing an individual facing criminal charges for improper use of the Internet.
  • Representing a prominent radio-and-television figure against manufacturers wrongfully using his name, image, and likeness to sell their products.
  • Representing Al Pacino in a suit against manufacturers wrongfully using his name, image, and likeness to sell their products.
  • Representing Annie Leibovitz on Internet matters.
  • Representing Spain’s top model, whose altered picture was placed on the cover of Vanity Fair.
  • Conducting a criminal case against a former European Prime Minister in California, a civil and RICO mail-fraud and money-laundering case involving $400,000,000 in California.
  • Conducting a copyright, Lanham Act, and breach-of-contract case in New York, Colorado, and California against Marvel, for income derived from Spider Man, the Incredible Hulk, and other Stan Lee characters.
  • Conducting a copyright and Lanham Act case for control of name, image, and likeness of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
  • Representing Terry McMillan, the noted author, in a San Francisco, California, suit against a lawyer and former husband who allegedly tried to extort funds from her.
  • Representing a New York Times journalist sued by Jane Pauley.
  • Representing participants in Michael Moore’s film Sicko threatened with federal criminal prosecution for having gone to Cuba for medical treatment.
  • Trying a jury case in New York State Court involving property damage to a $20,000,000 painting by one of America’s greatest 20th-century artists.